Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stealth Minister

Has anyone seen the Minister of International Trade recently?

It appears that the new Ambassador to the United States, former Mulroney Minister of Finance Brian Wilson has now taken the lead on the Softwood lumber negotiations. As one of the architects of the Canada US Free Trade Agreement, Wilson is a skilled negotiator (with a silky smooth falsetto and a gift for harmonies) and is respected in both countries.

As the Minister responsible for the 2010 Olympics, Emerson was also notably missing from the Olympic Flag raising ceremony in Vancouver last month.

He hasn't been seen at his constituency office in Vancouver (the scene of a recent sit-in occupation, and more recently a convenient recepticle for 2 large bags of manure), pretty much since he crossed the floor.

He is being sued by three seperate groups of Vancouver Kingsway constituents.

He has appologized to Liberal campaign workers, but so far refused to make ammends by doing the right thing, resigning his seat to face the voters.

At what point will the Stealth Minister of International Trade realized that he was elected first and foremost to represent his constituents. His legitimacy in Ottawa is rooted in Vancouver Kingsway - he can not escape this fact. He can not claim to represent this riding if he can't even show his face at his constituency office. This will not blow over. At this rate, the Minister might as well join former Senator Andrew Thompson in Mexico.


audacious said...

you mean michael wilson? ... lol
i like it when he is so significant that people know his name ...!

i think that is good that there are people out there willing to sue emerson!

and good to hear people still bring it up, and it doesn't get pushed under the carpet. maybe that is where he is hiding?

Anonymous said...

I guess you might ask where he has been if you don't even bother looking. Emerson and Ag Minister Strahl just had a big meeting with Canadian food producers Tuesday prior to WTO negotiations:
He was on CBC and CSPAN and answered lots of questins from reporters. They were mostly business related questions so I guess that would not interest you as much as horse manure.

Anonymous said...

If you knew that making an appearance somewhere would result in a bunch of maniacal over-zealous Liberal wingnuts waiting to attach you physically, would you show up? Of course not. The Liberal constituents, spurred on by the Liberal riding bureaucrats, are out of control. They have vandalized Emerson's office, and who know what they would be capable of doing. This is a democracy and people can choose what they want to do as long as it's within the law.

CoteGauche said...

Anon: Those overzealous maniacal liberal wingnuts are called constituents.

It is not surprising that they are predominantly Liberal and NDP because the riding is predominantly Liberal and NDP. In fact 82% of the constituents voted against the CPC. A point obviously not lost on Mr. Emerson as he never would have won as a Conservative.

CoteGauche said...


Okay - brain fart on my part. Too many Wilsons - Joseph Wilson, Michael Wilson - I do recall MW from the Mulroney era but for some reason, I got it in my head that he shared his first name with the former Beach Boy.

CoteGauche said...

Gees - next thing you know someone is going to tell me that Minister Emerson doesn't play an amazing psychodelic rockin organ/keyboard.