Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Grizzly affair

Globe and Mail Story

In a surprise move, Alberta has placed a three year moratorium on grizzly bear hunting in the province citing uncertainties surrounding grizzly populations in the province. British Columbia faced the same uncertainties in 2000, and intially moved to ban grizzly hunting. One year later however, bowing to pressure from the guiding industry, Premier Gordon Campbell lifed the moratorium citing .... wait for it ....

uncertainties surrounding bear populations in the province!

It would seem to me, that if bear populations are in doubt, the responsible thing to do would be to stop the hunt at least until research can verify the sustainability of the bear population. Now before you all accuse me of being a bleeding heart, city dwelling, dork, I am not opposed to hunting per se. I used to hunt myself, and having grown up in communities like Ft. MacMurray (population 1200 in 1969), Port Hardy (population about 2000 in 1973), Golden (population 3000 in 1976) etc. I still own a (registered) hunting rifle, I have just neither felt the compulsion to go hunting nor have I had the time. I am opposed to trophy hunting in general, and trophy hunting of endangered or threatened species seems to be pretty stupid.

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Scruffy Dan said...

I wish BC would follow in Alberta's foot steps on this issue resuming a hunt when the population is uncertain, seems very irresponsible to me.

kudos Alberta