Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dick of the Week.

This week, you get to decide if Harper is a Dick or a Quail. The Bernard Shapiro ethics investigation provides us with the perfect opportunity to determine Harper's true nature.

I guess it really comes down to the end game. If Harpo pulls this off, flips Parliament the bird, refuses to cooperate with the ethics commissioner and gets Shapiro replaced, in true Dick Cheney fashion he will have solidified his stature as Canada's top dick in charge. If on the other hand Parliamentarians call his bluff and he is forced to cooperate with Shapiro, he is truely a wounded quail.
Well, now you get to make the call, is Harper a Dick or a Quail and like an Ohio Republican, vote early, vote often.

Is Harper a Dick or A Quail?

Dick: A Dick is Loathe to cooperate with a Liberal Appointee. When the covey flushes a Dick is always on the right end of the shotgun. Parliament, Blam! Ethics Commissioner, Blam! Opposition, Blam! Voters, Blam!
Tricky Dicky: I am not a crook - Richard M. Nixon.
A tricky Dick doesn't need a shotgun to bag his bird.
Tory Blue Quail: The Tory Blue will occaisionally take one for the team but when the shot starts flying, it is more likely to scurry under a bush.
Dan Quayle: What a waste it is to lose one's mind - Dan Quayle.A Dan Quayle blithely struts into certain danger, unware of the loaded Dick in the blind.
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CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

The Real Story behind Harper, Emerson, Stronach and the Ethics Commissioner:

Funny how most people just do not get it. There are cries from the New Tories and their supporters that Harper should move on to other business, that the business of the new Parliament in April will be delayed by a sideshow, that the real work of governing needs to be attended to ...

Wrong, folks.

The 2006 election was about ethics in government. The New Tories under Harper made that a cornerstone of their campaign, and belaboured the Liberal government every chance they had on this issue.

The election results showed that the voters wanted a new system of ethics in Parliament, and were punishing the Liberals for their sense of entitlement, their indifference to voter's concerns, their tardiness in responding to ethical issues immediately they arose.

All the rest was peripheral.

The name of the game was ethics on the Hill, and Harper was sent to run the Hill and clean up Parliament. That was what the voters gave him a limited mandate to do, and what they expect him to do.

Now Harper has to deliver on his promises to clean up Parliament and party behaviour. And to behave ethically in doing so.

And Harper is failing in this task; failing with two rash appointments, failing with his refusal to obey the law with respect to the Ethics Commissioner. All the rest does not count. Hear me? All the rest does not count.

If Mr Clean does not clean up Ottawa, then the voters will send him packing as soon as they get the chance. It is as simple as that.

Do and act like you promised.