Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oda Burqa

Since Minister of Heritage and the Status of Women Beverly Oda seems to be determined to set women's right back to about the 5th century, let's help her dress for success in this endeavor.

Choose Oda's Burqa.

This number is probably only appropriate for those closed door strategy meetings with Real Women of Canada as it reveals far to much of Bev's visage. Certainly far too provocative for mixed company.
This one, in Tory Blue is for the more conservative types. Features the ever popular "seen and not heard" facial screen and head to toe brilliant Tory Blue. You Go Girl. Show your colours - and nothing else.
Or finally, in traditional black with exposed eyes - for the woman of mystery. The Real Woman's version of the little black dress.
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The Tiger said...

With all that in mind, it'd be awfully nice if the Liberal Party's foreign policy after this convention reflected those concerns.

i.e., the Conservatives aren't advocating pushing women out of the workforce. The people we're fighting overseas, on the other hand, are.

Phantom threat vs. real threat. Your call as to which is more worth your folks' time & effort...

CoteGauche said...


For starters, I am not advocating abandoning the mission in Afghanistan. I would like to see it shift from having a focus on search and destroy the Taliban to rebuilding infrastructure and improving the lives of Afghanis.

However - could you possibly give me a time table for when you expect our current strategy in Afghanistan to start yeilding these wonderful improvements in the lives of Afghan women?

scout said...

that's hilarious don....a much better piece then my 'bev in a burka' but glad to see we were in synch! i had to go for the tory blue....ever so sophisticated and deemed to scare jack straw all to hell.

Anonymous said...

Whoever made this is a serious loser.
I'm sorry, but you're obviously ignorant.

Too bad.
Better luck next time.