Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Can't Hear You .. La La La La

Heritage Minister Bev Oda closes 75% of Status of Women Regional Offices saying "regional offices do little to serve women directly and money can be better spent by streamlining services."


ImaCynic said...

Now, now, no more compaining! Don't you know we need that money for guns and big, awesome military stuff.

There are just so many people to kill in this world, and just not enough money to do it!

We need women in this country to stand up and contribute with their sacrifice to the never ending war on terror!

wilson61 said...

''She also said women in regions will be able to get service from office of the Canadian Heritage Department.''

The move sends $700,000 MORE to the actual women in need instead of lobbyists and advocate paycheques.

But helping women isn't the issue with Liberals and MSM, is it.