Friday, February 10, 2006

Wanna bet?

Things we know about "Operation Slapshot".

  • The New Jersey police investigation has more leaks than a union meeting.
  • Hockey finally made the front pages of the sports section in the US.
  • When the players agreed to help fix the game of hockey no one thought they meant individual games.
  • Pittsburgh's proposed stadium deal is tied to a casino license. Wanna bet that doesn't happen now?
  • If that fails, Las Vegas is in the running to relocate the Pittsburgh franchise. Wanna bet that doesn't happen either?
No seriously, those calling for Wayne Gretzky's resignation need to hold their panties. Wayne Gretzky has personified integrity in sports for decades. He has never been implicated in gambling or illegal or unethical activities before. It is highly unlikely that he is involved in this. From what has been leaked to the press, it seems the worst thing that he has done is try and protect his wife. No one knows the details of this investigation except the New Jersey prosecutors. Based on the time frame of the scandal, the gambling was on the Superbowl - NHL regular season games just don't generate that kind of interest. This is not hockey's Pete Rose scandal.

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