Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So long Gordo - we hardly knew ye

I'll give him credit for having the self awareness and integrity to recognize when his own ambition to continue as Premier was at odds with his party's and the province's best interests. Too many leaders hang around too long (Vanderzalm) and wreck their party in the process.

But perhaps a lack of ego (or personal charisma) has been his issue all along? He has never been personally very popular, nor has he been a very good at the whole vision / communication thing. But he is the first BC Premier since Bill Bennett to leave office without being forced out by fraud or scandal (Bennett's involvement in the Doman scandal came to light 2 years after he left office).

Now what we need is a new leader of the BC Liberal Party who is actually, maybe, a little bit ..... liberal?

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Anonymous said...

(re)draft Gordon Wilson.