Tuesday, December 02, 2008

In Bed with the Seperatists

Another point of paranoia on the right.

For those worried that the Bloc Quebecois' support of the opposition coalition will lead to the break up of the nation or another referendum on Quebec sovereignty; exhale, there is no need to stockpile water, ammunition and canned goods.

There is nothing that the Bloc, or any other federal party can do to bring about separation of Quebec from Canada. The Government of Canada is not going to call for a referendum - that would be for the Quebec National Assembly and is unlikely with a Liberal minority government in Quebec. In fact, with their support for the coalition government, it would be very hard for the Bloc to make the case that the federal government is not listening or is insensitive to Quebec. What are they going to do? Intentionally introduce measures to alienate Quebec? All that would prove is that the Bloc is insensitive to Quebec and would lose them the support that they now enjoy from federalists in Quebec who vote for the Bloc simply to maximize their Quebec's voice in the House of Commons.

Rather than seeing this coalition as a threat to national unity, I prefer to see this as evidence that the needs and concerns of Quebec are not that different than those of of the rest of the nation.

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