Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's Follies

In scanning the stories in the Washington Post, NY Times and CNN online, I have to wonder which revelation the Republicans are more concerned about, that Representative Mark Foley is gay, or that he is a sick sexual predator relentless in his pursuit of teenage Congressional pages and that the GOP House leadership has known about it for years and covered it up? There seems to be about as much ink devoted to his sexual orientation as to the real scandal.


leftdog said...

Don - Check out the dishonesty that FOX News Network did today concerning Foley. He is a Republican and sat as a Republican Congresman. Check out this actual screen save from Fox news earlier today wherein they consistently called him a Democrat. Check the text under his photo, (D).

Fox News Dishonesty

CoteGauche said...

It seems now that the real issue has shifted to whether of not the leaking of the "Overly Friendly" - how's that for a euphemism - e-mails, was politically motivated.

Well of course there was political motivation. But let's not shoot the messanger. If the democrates did leak the e-mails to the press, it was a politically motivated action that lead to having a depraved sexual predator exposed and removed from a position where he could prey on adolescents.